Note from Coach

I know I may jinx it....but I am going to say it.  I think the weather has finally turned the corner, and the cold, blustery and yes snow is gone!  Last week had most of the latter.  The first annual Windsong Cup proved to be a great success, despite the rain and wind.  Wayzata shot an amazing team score of 300 on a difficult course in very tough conditions.  The Hornets took second with a 311, as Will Lonnquist finished 4th overall with a 74.  The next day, we found ourselves again at Windsong Farm taking on the #1 ranked Minnetonka Skippers.  It was tough loss for a couple of reasons.....we know we didn't even come close to playing  well, let a lone our best; and we only lost by 6 shots!  A fine line exists in many aspects of life, and it is never more evident in golf.  Habits create habits....and every shot matters because you truly never know how it will all shake out after the 18th hole!  The week ended on a high note, as Coach Dahlman, took the varsity up to Detroit Lakes and brought home a victory in 20 degree wind chills.  The crooked hot was on fire as Coach Dahlman went back to is farming roots and dug in!  Good win!
The JV, a very young team, is still trying to find its rhythm.   I know they are working extremely hard during practice and our brick by brick motto will pay off soon enough.  As Jason Day recently said, "All of you just talk of my success the last 10 months, but what you need to know that it was the last 10 years of hard work and learning from my failures that truly got me here."  Very I know we don't have 10 years, but I am confident all of these boys are learning.  As the Wayzata coach said to me the other day, "where do you have all these guys hiding?"  He was referring to our depth at the varsity level, but what he doesn't know is all of these varsity boys learned how to win and compete on the JV level.
The Development team, after a great win against the Armstrong JV, square off against them again at Brookview this week.  I announced last Friday an exciting end of the year event.  A tournament consisting of ten 6-man teams.  each team will have 1 varsity, 2 JV and 3 development players.  I am excited to see how this shakes out and the "smack talk" that will permeate the putting green before hand.
The car wash was a huge success.  Thank you to all very working hard....especially Tre Meyer and Johnny Wedl for "selling" the wash on the street.  And also a big thanks to the parents and team managers who volunteered their time as well.   The next two weeks will be busy....shocker....and telling for all of our teams.  Coach McCollow and I's favorite tournament of the year, Albert Lea will take place this weekend.   it is always sunny and 72 at Green Lea....kind of like Masters week. I look forward to seeing all of you at our team banquet next Thursday (5/26) of the more fun events of the season
Go Hornets and #BringIt
Coach Ebner


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