Strategic Plan

School Start/End Time Study

  • BusDropOff After months of research, task force meetings, public discussions and community input, the Edina School Board approved a plan for school start and end times at its Jan. 9, 2017 meeting. Following numerous public comments from parents, students and staff, the Board discussed the options presented and ultimately rejected district administration’s recommendation on a 4-3 vote. The Board created and approved what it called a “modified white option,” based on a plan offered as an alternative to the administration’s recommended plan.

    The Board’s plan is similar to the current three-tier transportation model and aligns with the administration’s recommendation to shorten the middle school day to align with the high school. It also adjusts all school times to ensure more realistic run times for bus transportation. However, with the Board’s approved plan, two elementary schools will move to new tiers next year: Creek Valley will move from Tier 3 to Tier 1, and Concord will move from Tier 2 to Tier 3.

    Voting in favor of the new plan were Leny Wallen-Friedman, Amir Gharbi, David Goldstein and Regina Neville. Voting against the plan were Randy Meyer, Lisa O’Brien and Sarah Patzloff.

    Board Approved 2017-18 Plan

    Start/End Times

    * Note that exact start and end times may be adjusted by a few minutes once administration runs new bus routes per the approved plan and considers additional efficiencies as available.

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